Abacipharm Corp. supplies high quality chemicals for pharmaceutical industry and life science research. We offer a wide range of organic chemicals, drug intermediates, biologically active reagents, and APIs. Our professional team is specilized in the process chemistry and manufacture from grams to tons. The quality of all our products and services maintains high-level criteria and controlled by our QA/QC team.

Custom synthesis

Are you suffering from searching suppliers for particular chemicals in your projects? Please allow our custom synthesis team to help you out. The experienced chemists in Abacipharm is to support your projects with specialized requirement. We offer high-quality, cost-effective, satisfaction-guaranteed, and high-efficiency custom synthesis service that will promote your projects to higher level by skipping the time-consuming material process. We are experts in manufacturing various organic molecules (over 4800 molecules in our catalog) and we will be enthusiastic to serve you with our expertise and capacity. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote in custom synthesis. We will offer you a solution.

Catalog sale

Abacipharm offers over 4800 molecules in our catalog, including fine chemicals, drug intermediates, pharmacophore scaffolds, library building blocks, bioactive reagents, and APIs. Our catalog products comprise a wide range in structure, such as heterocyclics, boric acids, peptides, amino acids, carbohydrate, nucleic acids, etc. We supply the high quality products at competitive prices. Please contact us for the new catalog.

Drug intermediate

Our R&D team is dedicated in development of new lead and drug intermediates. We particularly offer the newly reported lead scaffolds, pharmacophore structures, and building blocks for combinatorial library. Our service is to advance your pharmaceutical research in drug discovery and development.

Chemical process

Our chemical process development services include developing cost-effecitve and innovative bench-to-kilo-to-pilot scale processes. Our newly built manufacturing facility on ton-scale bulk production is ready to prepare compounds according to your specifications in any scale you need.

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