Abacipharm Corp. is a company of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative chemistry technologies. We pursue customer satisfaction as our mission.

Chemsitry consultant

Abacipharm team with in-depth knowledge on chemistry technologies is committed to address your technical needs and to provide professional support. In particular, we offer solutions to your chemical projects, method development for your synthesis, experimental design on detail reactions, and expertise advice on your project management. We also offer help to laboratory design, laboratory planning and equipment.

Process optimization

Process optimization is key to improving business and process performance. We have professional team to optimize our procedure especially on the bulk scale manufacture. Optimal chemcal process is economical for pharmaceutical research and industry. The extensive expertise of our team allows us to serve you for productive improvement on your projects.

Quote and Order

For more efficient business, we provide prompt sales system for the customers' convenience. Send your quote to our sales team and we will response within 3 business day to provide the information of product quality, price, lead time, and shipping & handling terms.

Technical support

We offer technical support for all of our services and products. Please contact us for aftersales services or technical skills.

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